ITF programs

About the program

The mentoring program is designed for college age students. You must be a Junior/ Senior level student or above to participate.

The Mentoring Program is a flexible program that allows mentors and mentees to partner and participate without fixed dates for entry or departure from the program.

The ITF Mentoring program is designed to be flexible and fit into both the mentor and mentee work and school schedule. On average it is about a 1 hour commitment per month for both parties.The program requires both the Mentor and Mentee to become ITF Certified. The certification process takes less than 1 hour to complete and assures that all parties are aware of the requirements and expectations of the program. Begin the process today by clicking “Join Now” below!

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Based on the Five Rings of Success

Each ring of success will be fine tuned with the help of mentors.  Students will develop a well rounded toolkit of skills

Structured Approach

A process that is built to encourage, as well as challenge the mentee at every stage

Certified Mentors

Each student is paired with a Mentor that has gone through a certification to ensure great outcomes for every mentee

Student Driven

A program designed to meet the needs of each students unique needs